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Drowning (Working Title)
Status: Final Revisions 75% complete

Sixteen-year-old Sam Story didn’t drown in that crowded Maine harbor like everyone thinks she did.  Only her twin sister Elly knows the truth, but how can she tell anyone without them thinking she’s crazy?

Sam and Elly share more than just DNA; they can read each other’s thoughts, something Sam loved to explore.  Elly, on the other hand, always thought it was just one more point on a long list of ‘things that make us weird.’  Also on that list: being found abandoned on a remote Maine island when they were babies.

Elly’s perspective on her psychic power changes, though, when she realizes she can still read Sam’s thoughts, even after the drowning.  Because, Sam isn’t dead, but stuck in another world, in a city on the brink of war.  When Sam’s thoughts turn to cries for help, Elly knows she has to act.  Facing a past she never knew she had, and using a power she never even wanted, she plunges into the frigid Maine waters to find her sister and get home in one piece.

DROWNING is a complete 98,000 word YA urban fantasy novel with series potential.  An outline for book 2 is currently available.


Chapter 1  

“There,” I said, laying down my lettered tiles.  “‘Winter’, plus a double word score.  I’ll take my 18 points.”  I grinned and reached into the purple bag while Jake scribbled down my score with a scowl.

Candle-light flickered, making the lines of our old oak dining table look like deep shadowy indentations.  I warmed my hands around my mug of hot chocolate.  It would have been a perfectly normal family games night, if it weren’t 3 in the morning and we weren’t all there because we couldn’t sleep.

Amanda, my adoptive mother, rocked back in her chair with a sigh.  “Seriously?  We have no hope of catching up to you now!”  She shifted the letters on her stand with dainty hands.  Evidence of her lifetime of ballet training was apparent even in the smallest movements of her fingers.  She smiled at me, but it didn’t reach her eyes.  I was used to her empty smiles by now.

We all studiously ignored the chair across from me - Sam’s chair - sitting empty in the shadows.  No matter how hard we tried to bury the sadness, forget the loss and enjoy ourselves, she reminded us.  She was everywhere.

 I looked at Jake sitting at the head of the table, so large his elbows reached from one end to the other as he leaned over the board.  The creases of many sleepless nights hung around his eyes like forgotten spider webs.  Until this summer, I had never seen him ruffled.  He had always been the solid pillar in my life, the knowledge that nothing could ever really go wrong.

Until something did.

He drummed his heavy fingers next to the board.  Then, slowly, deliberately, he placed his letters down.  “D-R-O-”  I watched Amanda’s eyes flash and then go completely dead as he continued.

“Drowned, plus a triple word score.  Read it and weep.”  Then, suddenly he paused, hand hovering over his last ‘D,’ as though he were a wind-up toy who ran out of juice.

No one moved, not even to breathe.  This moment, the game, our smiles and laughs, had been encased in a thin layer of crystal.  And now, the brittle, icy sounds of cracking could be heard all around us.

Amanda pushed the scrabble board hard across the table into her husband’s lap.  Letters flew everywhere.  
Jacob!”  Her eyes were no longer lifeless.  They were fierce, hurt, devastated.  The spiderwebs around Jake’s eyes deepened as the pain cut through him like a knife.

It was too terrible.  So I left.

In my room, I pressed my face under my pillow and chanted my sister’s name over and over to drown out the tearful sounds from my parents’ bedroom.  


But no one answered.

The Time Between (Working Title)
Status: First Draft ~50% complete

Info to Come

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