Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Inspiration Black Hole

Hey guys.

sorry I've been a little bit MIA from the blog again!  Between planning a wedding, keeping my day job, and the start of summer, I haven't had a chance to even come up with an entry topic!

Which is why I'm opening up the lines to you guys now.  Tell me what to write about.  I'll write about ANYthing you say, so be daring. :)

Look forward to your ideas (that I will steal and make my own! jk)


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  1. I know tis a little later a comment (yeah by about a month!) but how about Aliens / ufo's and such like? what are your views on this fascinating subject? I'll leave that one with you! :) x

    p.s. I have way over by miles neglected my blog, so don't feel bad! oh and planning a wedding?? congrats are in order! and when is it?!x


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