Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Seven Day Challenge

On your mark.

Get Set.


In an effort to resurrect my blog from the Archives of Blogs that Once Were, I've decided to write a post a day for the next 7 days.  At the same time, I've like to invite my other blogging buddies (you are out there somewhere, right? :) ) to do the same!  It's not so hard, probably easier than the 30 Day Bikram Challenge.  This you can do in a non-smelly room with no one yelling at you.  AND it's only 7 days!  How can you go wrong?  Admittedly, I've got a heard start from my post yesterday, but it's okay if we're a bit staggered.  It's not a race, after all.

Here's what you gotta do each day:

  • Write a blog post of your own (can be on ANY topic!  How easy is that!?) 
  • Post in my comments that you're participating (and provide a link to your post, if you want to)
  • If you're feeling friendly, visit the posts of any other participating bloggers.  We can all make new friends this way!
At the very end of it, I'll post a list of all the bloggers who completed the challenge.  Yay!  And, depending on how many of you I get, I'm offering either a query or first chapter critique to anyone who does all 7 days!!  Free crits, hooray!

Now, get posting!


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