Friday, October 22, 2010

Amanda Moves the Furniture

I think I've discussed my commitment phobia in some detail before on this blog.  There are a lot of negative things about being a commitment-phobic, like spending 45 minutes deciding what to order at the restaurant, or buying a new duvet-cover every week to match your mood.

But, there's a lot of great things about it too!  For example, when I get edits back from my critique partners, I rub my hands together and think "sweet!  Let's get down to it!"  This isn't to say that I hack away at my story with great abandon (not all the time anyway), or that I don't keep the chapters I cut.  What I mean is, I like change.  I like moving paragraphs around, adding new stuff, and taking out other stuff.  It makes things look fresher and cleaner with each change!

And now, because I love pictures and I love  how easy it is to upload them from my fancy google phone, here is a visual example of what I mean.

Once upon a time, Amanda had an office.  It was a good office.  She painted and put furniture in it to make it just the way she liked it at that time.

Now, Amanda has had the office for a year.  One morning, she arrived at work and thought to herself, "No no no...something isn't right."  So, instead of doing the work she was meant to do that day, she set about moving her furniture this way and that.  


But, after the dust settled, Amanda sat back in her desk chair in its new position and thought, "This is good."

Maybe next time, she'll get it perfect. :)
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  1. That sounds like a healthy approach to life, writing, and offices.

  2. Cute office!! You just gave me something new to do at work on Monday. YAY! (*I hope my office mate agrees lol)

  3. I think that's called procrastination :) isn't it amazing what writers will do to avoid sitting down and getting to it?

  4. Do you know what - when I was younger, I used to move my bedroom round about one a month - it's refreshing and makes me feel positive, it then helps me have the get up and go to get on with lot's of other things that have been waiting patiently for me to do!! good for you - cute office space btw! I love having a good sort out - helps me sort out my head, as does writing lists! :)


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