Friday, October 1, 2010

Location location location Blogfest!

Thank goodness for people like Serena who provide me with ideas of what to write in the blog!  Otherwise, it'd be another day without an entry.  Also thanks to Jennifer at Unedited for helping me find Serena's awesome blogfest!

In this blogfest, you pick a location from Serena's list and describe it however you want.  You can even draw a picture if that floats your boat. :)

I chose WOODSVILLE.  Here goes:

With a name like Woodsville, you might think my town is nestled into a quiet forest.  And maybe it used to be, back before they came and chopped down all the trees.

But now, Woodsville is nothing but a graveyard.

It's a graveyard of trees, a graveyard of nature, and a graveyard of dreams.  There's only one street in this town, and most of the shops on it are boarded up.  Have been for years.  The rusty marquis on the old movie theater still has enough letters stuck onto it to read "Stanley Kubric's 2001 Space Odyssey OPENING NIGHT!"  There's one cafe, Mama's, but no one goes in there unless they like rubbing elbows with the Hell's Angels who run the place.

Outside of town, the grass stretches brown for as far as the eye can see.  It's not a peaceful flowing carpet, though, like you're thinking.  See, here and there it's dotted with a gravestone.  No, wait, if you'll let your eyes adjust, you'll see that those are stumps from the trees that used to give Woodsville its name.

It's hard to escape this town.  I've been trying for years.  See, there's no jobs here to get any money.  But even if I could get money, how would I get away.  There aren't even any buses that run through this place.  Whoever's here stays here.  Whoever's not here stays the hell away.


There you have it!  and now, for the real Woodsville!  (No relation to my description!  I hope I don't offend anyone from Woodsville!)

So, skip on over to Serena's blog and have a go!


  1. I like the different take on it.

  2. What a shame, poor Woodsville! LOL! I can sympathise. I recognise it from streets I've loved that have become like ghost towns. I hope someone moves in to revive it. Great take on the blogfest. :O)

  3. Love the description of the old theatre, and your unique take on the name!

  4. This was a fun (if depressing) take on it. Great description. :)

  5. This is very interesting-or maybe engaging is a better word-I like it very much!

  6. I loved it totally different take! Sounds like alot of great towns these days once great but Mr Credit crunch sucked the life outa the place!

  7. Wow! Thank you guys for all of your wonderful comments. This was fun to write! :)

  8. I'm late to the game, but this was great! Not only the description, but also the voice of the narrator! And go figure, it's present tense! lol

  9. Thanks for the compliments, Laura! :)


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