Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bean Curd and Yoga, a winning combination

In an effort to be healthier (and shed this super tense spot between my shoulder blades), I've taken up yoga again.  I did Bikram's for awhile a couple years ago, but since then I haven't really entered into a yoga studio.  Having the instructor yell at me that if it wasn't hurting I was doing it wrong kind of put a bad taste in my mouth for the whole practice.

So...yeah. :)  Anyway, I went to my first class last week (hatha this time, not crazy Bikram), and it was perfect for a returning beginner.  The instructor (Road Tripp, I kid you not) looked like Keith Richards with a mohawk and a bodyful of tattoos.  But he explained everything very well and made me feel super comfortable twisting up like a pretzel.  So, I bought a pass.

This past weekend, I decided to drag David with me.  It wasn't Mr. Tripp teaching this time, but I figured, it's open level Hatha Yoga.  How different could it be?

Well, by halfway through the class, when we still hadn't gotten off of our backs and the instructor said "I only know one asana in yoga and we will do that next," I realized just how different it could be.

I mean, I have nothing against meditation or spirituality (even though I'm not particularly spiritual), but maybe the label on that class should have been Meditation instead of Yoga?  Before you start throwing yoga blocks at me and yelling that I'm an idiot, let me tell you that I know Yoga is more than just postures and a good workout.  But, this is Vancouver, and I think a lot of people here (ME!!!) attend yoga for a little sweat, not to "dedicate our meditations to the suffering people of Lebanon," while we roll around on our backs and chant "Om."

Seriously, half the time this teacher just sat in the front of the class and told us about inspirational movies she's seen or about how engaging our abdominals will activate our fire chakra and help us release the darkness that lies deep within all of us.  I wanted to scream, "oh yeah, lady, you're releasing my darkness, and it's coming for you!"

Generally, I leave yoga feeling refreshed and positive, but something about all of this lady's postulating and chanting just left me with so much negative energy.  David came out and said "well that was a nice nap," while I came out fuming.  "What the frig was that!?" I asked him as soon as we were on the street.

He laughed at me...of course. :)

Fortunately, we went to another class last night by yet another instructor, and I liked that one much better.  Although, I did go dangerously soon after eating a spicy tofu curry.  :)  No major catastrophes though.  David, in all of his wisdom, explained away my fears, "Don't worry.  Lots of yogis are vegetarians.  I'm sure they're used to farts."  mmm. So pleasant.

All in all, week one of the healthy kick is going strong.  I didn't even drink coffee today!  Wonder how long I can keep this up.  I'm sure at least until my coffee break tomorrow! :)

How about you guys?  Do any of you do yoga?  Did you ever have any ridiculous instructors?


  1. Ok, first, what's your secret on getting David to do yoga...twice?!

    Second, I burst out laughing when I read the 'what the frig was that?' I could totally feel your pain!

    At the beginning of summer, I decided I was going to get into yoga. I've done pilates for a long time, but I met an American girl here who was going to start 'sunrise power yoga' at a local meditation studio down the street from me. I was sold..a) it would be in English b) in the morning, so I could get my exercise over ASAP and write all night instead of getting all distracted at the gym, and c) the sun rises at 4:00 am here in the summer, so chances are, I'd be up anyways. It was awesome...until she left to go back to California. They couldn't find someone who knew power yoga to replace her, so they brought in a guy who taught Kundalini (?) yoga. So, I show up at 6:30 am expecting to get my stretch on, and there is this guy, wearing a tie dyed shirt with a buddah on it, JEANS, and sitting on one of those white furry rugs you can get at IKEA. The ENTIRE lesson was just sitting there, crossed legged, going ahhhhh ommmmmm ahhhhhhhh ommmmmm... I wanted to die of boredom, but totally couldn't sneak out because there were only 2 other students there!! It was so 'what the frig was that', that I never went back :-) ... too bad I bought a 10 pass card and have half left! haha

  2. Hahaha! That experience sounds so much like mine! And I totally know what you mean about not being able to just get up and leave!

    As for secrets to getting David to yoga...I don't know! He just came with me! He even bought the unlimited pass too. I was honestly surprised he came because I dragged him to Bikram's way back when I was doing that, and he got the worst teacher. The one who was like "Bring your grandma, this will cure her asthma. Bikram's cures cancer, asthma, anorexia...." and on and on and on. When we left, David just shook his head and said, "How on earth are they legally allowed to say those things? I'm not going to support that craziness."

    Maybe the reason he's more open to it is because we go to the gym together too? :)


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