Friday, September 3, 2010

A long and blogless weekend

I've written before about the double-edged sword that is the internet.  As a writer, having such a community can really cut through the solitude that goes with the occupation.  However, it can also crowd ones head with a LOT OF NOISE.

And, I don't know about you, but sometimes that kind of noise just causes my mind to shut right down.  Which it has done.  Brain. Dead.  This is bad, because I want to finish my query and rewrite the middle of my story this weekend.  I have 4 days (well...3.5 now and counting down) without work, and I'm planning to use them to get this book mostly underway.

I haven't written anything yet.  I mean, I've written emails, two blog entries, a handful of tweets, comments on others' blogs.  But nothing in my WIP.

Why?  You know why.  The evil internet of course.

So, though I have reviews to write (Kick-ass, Cirque du Soleil) and some posts I want to write (mostly about contemporary writing advice and how it's going to bring down literature as we know it), I'm shutting down the blog for the weekend.

I AM going to get the middle of my book rewritten, come hell or high water, and I AM going to whip my query into some kind of presentable shape.

Starting now.

And, since I won't be around, I leave you all with someone else's blog entry to entertain you in my absence: What are we doing to YA?



  1. I've been doing the same thing. Been on the net since early morning, broke for breakfast and a walk, and am back on the computer...commenting on blogs. Monday I will wonder where the weekend went;) Good luck on doing your work and thanks again for the awards, I've already picked some wonderful bloggers to forward them to.

  2. It seems like I've dropped around the blogosphere looking for new and interesting followers and they are all looking to crunch out an awesome word count!

    Congrats and Good Luck! I hope the writing goes well! I too am planning on diving into my current WIP and pushing through until I've knocked it out!!

    Gerat blog!!! Look forward to following you!


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