Monday, August 30, 2010

Come 'C' my list!

It's time for another instalment of David the Movie Snob, but we've been so busy lately, we haven't watched many movies.  Saw The Runaways (which we both disliked - though I was quite impressed that KS could play something other than Bella) and NINE (which we hated and shut off after the first 10 minutes), but I'd rather write about something we disagree about so I don't come off as a snob too. :)

So...we're going to watch another movie this week.  But for now, you just have to be content with my C-list!

Thinks I like that start with C:

  • CASIOKIDS!  A superfabutastic electronicy band from Norway.  Their first tour was to 12 Kindergarten classes around their country.  How cool is that!?  Their concerts are aMAZing!  All I have to say is: cowbell station and giant monkey suit.  You can't beat that.
  • Curry.  I can eat curry with ANYTHING!  yum. :)
  • Comments.  Okay, that's a thinly veiled request for more comments on my blog! ;)
Things I do NOT like that start with C:
  • Credit card bills.  Ugh.
  • Cockroaches.  Double-ugh.
  • "compress."  Just the word - the noun form that's pronounced like "COMpress."  ugh.  It just sends chills down my spine when I hear it.  If I'm ill, never tell me you're going to get me a "hot compress" because I might just vomit all over you.  Just for saying that word.  I feel icky just typing about it.  I don't know why...  Is it normal to dislike words just based on their pronunciation alone?  I also hate the word packet.  On the other hand, I love the word vile.
Feel free to contribute. ;)

now that that's out of the way, I'm going to investigate new options for free/cheap isolated weekend getaways for maximum writing madness...


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