Friday, August 13, 2010

Hooks and queries

So, I'm at my mum's now for a visit.  I had her read my query draft 2, to which she said "Oh Amanda this is amazing!"  Nothing like having your mum read your stuff, right?

I started whining about how I can't write a query for my book because there's no hook.  David's comment, in a complete deadpan, was "I can only think of so many books with hooks.  Peter Pan is one..."

...I'll just let that simmer.

Anyway, I know you probably clicked on this link thinking I'd give you the amazing hints about writing queries.  I apologize.  If you want that, go over the writoncon archives and get the info from the professionals. :)  I just had to put on this little tidbit.  now, back to the parental units.



  1. She's a good mom! I mentioned in my recent post that after the conference it was back to Query 101 for me.


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