Saturday, August 7, 2010

David the Movie Snob takes on Inception

This is the first in what I hope will be a series of David the Movie Snob posts.  David is my delightful and doting other half who happens to have better taste in movies than 99.9% of humans everywhere the world over.  ...that's according to him.

Recently we went to see Inception, a movie that I - quite frankly - loved!  I thought DiCaprio did an excellent job showing the many layers of his character, but the director and scene set up really is what stole the show.

We watched it at our favourite classic theater, one that seems to never have a lineup or a full house, so we were one of two couples sitting on the balcony.  Still, though, the collective gasp of all (20?) patrons after the last scene was impressive.

Everyone gasped except David the Movie Snob, of course.  As we strolled back home in the still-humid evening, I asked him why he didn't seem surprised by the ending and he said plainly, "Well, I could have told you that's how it would end.  After, like, the first scene I figured it was all ***SPOILER!***."  Hah!  you thought I was going to give it away!

But I'll give you a hint...see if you can find a scene in that movie that shows how they got where they are.  That will make more sense after you see it!

Anyway, today we went to see Predators.  Maybe it was to escape the over-thinking deepness of Inception the night before?  I'm not sure.  You may not believe it, but one of the films that tops David the Movie Snob's top 50 is Predator.  Unfortunately, PredatorS didn't live up to its Predecessor!

...though, I didn't mind the fact that Adrian Brody seemed to lose a layer of clothing in each scene.  Pretty sure that didn't help David tMS's rating...

Speaking of Ratings:

Inception got a 8/10 from me and a 6/10 from David the Movie Snob.
Predators got a 4/10 from me (only cause of the bare chestedness!) and a 3/10 from David the Movie Snob.

Guess I'm snobbier than I thought!

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